Simple Invitations

Simple Invitations can also be very custom. Sometimes when you begin looking for your wedding invitations it becomes overwhelming with how to word it, or what font to use…find a design you like. We try to not only give you a custom simple invitation but also take the stress out of the process for you.

Here is an example of one of our Simple Suite 4.5 ($4.50 per) Using the ribbon for holding all your companion pieces together is a great inexpensive way to dress up your invite as well.

The simple invitation is dressed with a silver metallic card stock that makes the kiwi green ribbon pop with that burst of color. Our client used the LOVE wording on their wedding website…so incorporating that just made sense.

We are “branded” by most as a hand-painted artistic feel stationer, which is our specialty but we like to be known as a stationer that can take the stress out of the process whether it is a simple invitation or an intricate hand-painted design.

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Digital Guest addressing extra.