Inspirations and Stationery D+K

SUITE Cost: $11.00 each
Invitation, Response Card and Monogram Tag. Envelope Liners and Digital Addressing
What is behind the Inspirations and Stationery D+K?
donna and kevin inspiration and stationery watercolor contemporary

Donna and Kevin came to us from a referral. We LOVE referrals! We met on January 29th. They were under a bit of a time crunch, but we arranged a few things and turned their stationery around with no problem. Donna and Kevin wanted something plain and simple… that was their inspiration and stationery…we laughed, when they came and saw some of our past invites, they began to see “color.” They were drawn to one of our past clients that had an overall liquid watercolor contemporary look. Donna was set on “that” piece of artwork, but me not wanting them to settle, I began with my questions and here is what we came up with.

Favorite Colors: Red, Purple and Teal (Donna Red and Purple and Kevin Blue/Teal and Red)

Type of Ceremony: Christian ….use some yellow to create the “light” and the presence of Christ in their relationship

Flowers: Reds and Purples


I designed a new watercolor piece incorporating their favorite colors with a hint of yellow peeking through. Using some of the same Dr. Martins Inks, I designed some modern and contemporary flowers to add to the details. We kept the cover plain and clean, so when the guests opened the envelope and the inside of the folder they saw the fantastic colors that were personalized for the client. We added a belly band to seal the suite that was of the artwork topping it with a round medallion monogram.

It is so fun to send the slideshows and get an immediate response back with over joy, tears and lots of !!!!!!!!! after the words.

We also created the “Day Of” stationery for them. I always say, “Don’t blow your entire paper budget on the invites (yep that comes out of my mouth)….you are only half way there with all that needs to be printed.” We try to be upfront and honest with our clients, most are not thinking about anything beyond invites.

Cute square tented Escort Cards cost them $2.75 each with matching artwork to the backside, why not give the guests on the other side of the table something nice to look at, right? details, details…

Table Numbers for $6.00 each. Our Table Numbers are ALL tented with a support strap so they stand up nicely for your event.