Staying on track with your wedding Stationery




Bridal Show season is here…it is the time for staying on track with your wedding Stationery. Our custom book markers are a great way to keep the “stationery” ball rolling- We have given our clients tips on what to do and when to do it. Where are you on the “stationery” timeline? (based on a perfect world of a 12 month engagement)

12-9 months: Congrats you are Engaged!

SAVE the DATES can be sent

Start getting that guest list together. Make sure you check with all the important people, so you don’t forget anyone on the list.

6-8 months: Lets talk INVITES…Custom Invites can take a bit longer, so we want to begin the dreaming, creating, and designing stage with you. We love to make a great FIRST IMPRESSION with our invitations!

What about the envelopes? Do you have nice handwriting?…Calligrapher? Digital addressing? Just NO WHITE LABELS please-…sorry just NO

Other items to think about and ponder….Will you be my Bridesmaids cards, Thank You Notes, Rehearsal Invites, Day After Brunch, Custom Guest Bag Maps

Lets get those INVITATIONS ordered…time is a-wastin’ your guest are excited when they arrive in their mailboxes.

6-8 weeks: Time to mail the invites. (10-12 for destination)

POSTAGE TIP: Don’t get too excited to run off and buy your postage…Please wait until you have a completed invitation suite and make sure you have the whole piece weighed. Hand Cancel is the best way to go with your paper investment.

It is during this time we can chat about Menus, Table Numbers, Favor Tags and any Food Signage that might be needed. FOOD TIP: Make sure to have labeled food tags for passed trays or buffet stations. Guests will not have to ask what is in everything if they have dietary restrictions.

3-4 Weeks: You got Mail! woo-hoo…it is so exciting to get mail that is not a BILL! Don’t stop now-

2-3 Weeks: We are back in your life looking for the names to set up your ESCORT CARDS and Seating CHARTS

Phew, this has been a long and meaningful relationship that we have built over our timeline…we love to see the pictures so please share when you have a moment!

Best of Luck on a long and happy marriage…remember us when you hear a friend has gotten engaged, we LOVE referrals!

Happy Paper!




Postage is increasing again!

When it comes to postage that is ALWAYS a shocker to most clients.

When pricing out your stationery, you have to keep in mind the postage that is required to go on the outer and the inner envelopes. While the inner is usually standard weight .45, at the current time. The outer envelope can vary greatly.

At CW we try to keep this in mind when we design our invites, anytime we use a jacket, or folder style you can guarantee that the postage will be more than the .65 cents of the cute wedding stamp that the post office carries.

BUT what do you do with all the loose pieces…? Here is an invite that we created with a ribbon strap, this one I chose to run vertical to add a different flair. Blends in with the design of the invite without adding much weight. These invites with a double envelope and 2 companion cards went out the door for .65 cents on the outer. I actually made my bride reweigh the completed invite twice to make sure we had the correct postage.

So consider your postage when you are designing your invitations.

Buy Forever stamps now and beat the price increase! Increase will take place January 27, 2013.

Stamps ….can add to your invites!

As an artist, I am not one for the “flags”…not that I am not patriotic. I just feel that we have been blessed with “FUN” stamps to use. (Otherwise, all we would have to choose from was flags…Post Office people, please don’t ever do that) I know it might take a bit longer at the Post Office to figure out which of the many designs to choose, and no one really cares…BUT people do! …and artists like myself designed them for people to use. When you send out your mail try using one of the “FUN” stamps, it is bound to make you smile!…Plus it looks like you cared, from the outside of your invite to the inside-