Chicago Custom Artwork

Chicagoans LOVE their city, why wouldn’t you love it? We have drawn and designed many locations of Chicago Custom Artwork for our clients over the years. Why not bring the Chicago places you love into your wedding stationery. Use the Chicago Custom Artwork as… Save the Dates, Table Designations, and even complete Guest Maps. Our Guest Maps can be drawn including up to 12 locations (for any city) not just Chicago, it makes a great way for your “out-of-towners” to navigate the BIG, windy city.

What Chicago location holds a special meaning in your life?

Chicago watercolor Guest Map

Chicago Custom Artwork Wrigley Field

Chicago custom artwork Cultural Center



Staying on track with your wedding Stationery




Bridal Show season is here…it is the time for staying on track with your wedding Stationery. Our custom book markers are a great way to keep the “stationery” ball rolling- We have given our clients tips on what to do and when to do it. Where are you on the “stationery” timeline? (based on a perfect world of a 12 month engagement)

12-9 months: Congrats you are Engaged!

SAVE the DATES can be sent

Start getting that guest list together. Make sure you check with all the important people, so you don’t forget anyone on the list.

6-8 months: Lets talk INVITES…Custom Invites can take a bit longer, so we want to begin the dreaming, creating, and designing stage with you. We love to make a great FIRST IMPRESSION with our invitations!

What about the envelopes? Do you have nice handwriting?…Calligrapher? Digital addressing? Just NO WHITE LABELS please-…sorry just NO

Other items to think about and ponder….Will you be my Bridesmaids cards, Thank You Notes, Rehearsal Invites, Day After Brunch, Custom Guest Bag Maps

Lets get those INVITATIONS ordered…time is a-wastin’ your guest are excited when they arrive in their mailboxes.

6-8 weeks: Time to mail the invites. (10-12 for destination)

POSTAGE TIP: Don’t get too excited to run off and buy your postage…Please wait until you have a completed invitation suite and make sure you have the whole piece weighed. Hand Cancel is the best way to go with your paper investment.

It is during this time we can chat about Menus, Table Numbers, Favor Tags and any Food Signage that might be needed. FOOD TIP: Make sure to have labeled food tags for passed trays or buffet stations. Guests will not have to ask what is in everything if they have dietary restrictions.

3-4 Weeks: You got Mail! woo-hoo…it is so exciting to get mail that is not a BILL! Don’t stop now-

2-3 Weeks: We are back in your life looking for the names to set up your ESCORT CARDS and Seating CHARTS

Phew, this has been a long and meaningful relationship that we have built over our timeline…we love to see the pictures so please share when you have a moment!

Best of Luck on a long and happy marriage…remember us when you hear a friend has gotten engaged, we LOVE referrals!

Happy Paper!




TRENDing Cardinals Beauties

Cardinal artwork has made the 2013-2014 TRENDing for the Holidays.

Add unexpected whimsy to your home this holiday season with cardinal decor accessories.

As seen in the Style at Home Magazine.

DSC_0320 Carol Woldhuis Designs

TRENDing CARDINAL beauties, these Christmas cards have made a big hit with many that have seen them for the Holidays. Here in Illinois, the CARDINAL is the state bird. There is nothing like seeing that BRIGHT RED bird in the trees that have been dusted with the morning snow. Sometimes you take these “beauties” for granted, as just another bird. My sister moved here from Northern California this year and she is awestruck at the sight of these RED beauties every time they fly by. It makes me think that it is true what they say about seeing things through the “eyes” of others…. Enjoy the COLOR this winter in the mix of the whiteness, it will surely put a SMILE on your face!

DSC_0323 Carol Woldhuis Designs


Unique Escort Cards

When designing these Escort cards for this large Rehearsal dinner, we decided to run with the idea and theme. Creating VIP badges for the guests to wear but secretly they played many roles.
They told the guests where to sit…gave them a cool name tag, so that the akwardness of not knowing everyone was not an issue, and also guided the servers as to which of the 5 entrees they were to serve each guest. Most of the guests were totally unaware of all this…we did our job. We even went the extra mile, laminating and slit punching the badges. So be creative when you throw your next party! Don’t cave to “HELLO my name is…”

WEDBash 2012

Many of you have seen my invitations that I was able to design for WEDBash 2012 and Wedding Guide Chicago recently. This project was a fun, stressful, but mostly a growing and educational project for me as a designer.
After using companion papers from other outside sources…I began to design my own. Why not? I asked myself.. I created the wheel based on the architectural details in the Auditorium Theatre at Roosevelt University in Chicago, which is where the event was going to be held. When designing…most people have no idea the hours that may go into the pre-drawing and the “creative dumps” that my brain goes through haha.
In the end we not only had an invitation BUT and new paper design with a companion belly band artwork and tile…and YES I did add the gold shimmer to ALL 500 invites!

 Step and Repeat Photos by George Street Video and Photography Chicago, Illinois 2012


Moving soon? Make sure you leave proper “tracks”. Send your friends and family Custom “Just Moved” cards. Moving to a unique place or a home with a lot of character? We can design and draw up your new home to put on the cards for you to share-
Also Realtors…it’s a great gift for your client when you arrive at closing, personalized cards for them to send out.
Here are a few we have made up.

Food Station signage

You spend so much time to make sure your buffet and food stations are the best. But when guests approach, they always have to ask..”what is that, or are there any nuts/oils in these?”. Why not make it easy on yourself and YOUR guests by having Custom Food Station Labels created to direct and guide your guests making their food experience effortless and in some cases “safe”.