Thanksgiving at our home

sunflower for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at our home comes at different times every year. Multiple families, college kids (adopted and blood), blended families, and now two in the medical field….we find ourselves taking polls on what days are good for everyone. Although traditionally Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November every year, we have our own traditions at the holidays. Thanksgiving at our home is this Sunday, I agree we often believe the day has changed so much we forget that everyone else is not on the same calendar as us! This year we will entertain only 15-20 but we have been known to have well over 30 at times. I look forward to seeing everyone and spending family time…we will miss a few- My Dad (aka Papa) would come early with his digital thermometer in his pocket and check on the bird throughout the day. He bought me one but somehow it is always left ON and the battery is dead…guess I better check that today. The kids fight over who has to “roll the dates” and who has to peel the potatoes…fight over meaning avoid it at all cost, …somehow needing to take a shower of find something in their rooms, looks like it’s you this year Danielle (aka daughter) unless you can bribe Paige (aka niece that attends college in Chicago/4th child). This year though I am excited to have Jean (aka my favorite sister…well only sister lol) here, she moved from California this past May to be closer to the family and my mom. I think we will make her “roll the dates”…my brother will keep the tradition of  my Grandmommy and Papa and bring the Chianti and cream soda like he always does. But as I said in the beginning, not everyone will be able to attend…my two boys (aka TJ and Nick) will be working and care-giving for others, Caitlin (aka niece/Jean’s daughter) and Chad will be in Texas, Jon (aka Dee’s boyfriend) will be working, Sydney (aka TJ’s girlfriend) went home to Texas for the week and many of our family will celebrate in Arizona, Germany or California on Thursday. In mind and heart we will all be together what every day it is- Thanksgiving at our home holds special memories regardless of what day and whom attends….what are some of your memories and traditions? I guess I better get to the the store and buy the turkeys soon!

TRENDing Cardinals Beauties

Cardinal artwork has made the 2013-2014 TRENDing for the Holidays.

Add unexpected whimsy to your home this holiday season with cardinal decor accessories.

As seen in the Style at Home Magazine.

DSC_0320 Carol Woldhuis Designs

TRENDing CARDINAL beauties, these Christmas cards have made a big hit with many that have seen them for the Holidays. Here in Illinois, the CARDINAL is the state bird. There is nothing like seeing that BRIGHT RED bird in the trees that have been dusted with the morning snow. Sometimes you take these “beauties” for granted, as just another bird. My sister moved here from Northern California this year and she is awestruck at the sight of these RED beauties every time they fly by. It makes me think that it is true what they say about seeing things through the “eyes” of others…. Enjoy the COLOR this winter in the mix of the whiteness, it will surely put a SMILE on your face!

DSC_0323 Carol Woldhuis Designs


Wish Upon a Wedding Auction Winners

Last year Wish Upon a Wedding held an auction to raise additional funds for overseeing this great charity and to help couples to-be. My item was purchased by Jennie in Los Angeles, California. How exciting!

We have just begun our process with Jennie and Joe for their July 9th wedding.

Here are some of the samples that have been presented to them…

Our local Wish Upon a Wedding Chapter is Chicago