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How porn changes our lives

Humans have been creating erotic images for thousands of years, but pornography still sparks heated disagreements. It is condemned as a cause of erectile dysfunction, teen pregnancy, and rape. Repeated consumption of adult material is compared to drug abuse, and it is thought to fuel objectification of women. However, are such accusations backed by science, and are there really no positive sides for humanity?

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How porn changes the human brain

Porn has been traditionally condemned as morally wrong and detrimental to human relationships. Addition to adult material is likened to gambling, drugs or alcohol. However, how deep are its negative effects, and does it have the power to alter the workings of our brains? Here is what genuine medical research has concluded.

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Which countries watch the most porn?

Pornographic movies are watched all across the world. Even despite strict anti-porn laws in some states, their citizens often access online adult collections through VPN. One of the largest such collections is PornHub, which in 2018 received 92 million unique visitors every day. This is more than the populations of Australia, Canada and Poland combined, and it amounts to 33.5 Billion hits over the course of the year. Here is where the most active users reside, based on the site’s Annual Report.