2015 Review: A Rose is a rose is a rose

rose watercolor carol woldhuis

A ROSE is a rose is a rose review, first you have to understand that a flower like a rose is created by mostly painting the “in betweens” and takes shape with shading. I remember once when I was struggling with a piece of art, my dad would send me links to sites that would give tutorials on “How to Paint a Rose” but this one day…was a GOOD day. A ROSE is a rose is a rose was painted! I met with Christina and her mother Gloria and Chad. We spent some time talking about the dreamy wedding they are planning. They were a great couple and wanted something special. Soft and special.

Couple: Christina and Chad

Wedding Date: June 6, 2015

Venue: Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago

Artwork: A ROSE is a rose is a rose

Suite Pricing: $7.50

rose watercolor carol woldhuis